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What measures are there still on location

These measures remain in force

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • If you have to sneeze, do it into your elbow
  • Wear a face mask when you move
  • If you have complaints, stay at home and have yourself tested at a GGD test location
  • Do a self-test twice a week when you come to college
  • Respect each other's space
  • Don't shake hands
  • Take your responsibility

The air treatment systems in all buildings have been switched on, so that sufficient ventilation is provided everywhere. According to RIVM guidelines, proper ventilation is important for fresh air and for a healthy indoor climate. All our buildings more than meet the ventilation requirements for educational purposes. The air treatment systems are certified and checked continuously. 

Face masks
A face mask is required when entering the building, as well as in transit areas such as corridors, stairs, and lifts. You are not required to wear a face mask in the classroom or at workplaces. However, in certain teaching situations - such as in the lab - the use of a face mask or additional hygiene measures may be required. Please note that it will be clear or will be indicated by the teacher/colleague present if measures apply in a specific classroom. Everyone is free to wear a face mask in other areas of our buildings if they wish to do so. 

Walking routes and number of people in a room
There are no more walking routes and there is no longer a maximum number of people present per room, but respect it if someone wants to keep their distance, especially in small spaces such as elevators.

We are very keen to monitor the development of any infections in our buildings. We are doing all we can to prevent it, but it may not be avoidable. We ask you to report to us anonymously if you are infected with the coronavirus. This way, we will know of any possible clusters, which we can pass on to the GGD, as well as the location and the measures to be taken. You can let us know on this Hint page. In this way, we can protect the health and safety of all students and staff within our organisation as best as possible. In this flow chart you will find the complete procedure in case of a (possible) infection.

Infection in the classroom
What is the procedure in case of an infection in the classroom? We have noticed that there are many questions about the quarantine policy. If you have been fully vaccinated (including a waiting period after your last jab), or if you have recovered from a proven corona infection in the past six months, you are considered protected and do not have to go into quarantine after close contact with someone who tested positive. However, it is recommended that you get tested at the GGD after five days. Only those who are not protected (i.e., not yet vaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated and who have not been sick within the last six months with a proven corona infection) should go into quarantine and get tested at the GGD after five days as well. We expect everyone to take their own responsibility in observing these rules.

We do understand that some students and colleagues find it difficult to come to the location under these circumstances. This out of concern for their own health, or that of someone near them. We also understand that people can be reluctant to express their concern openly. It should not be. We call on managers and study career coaches to discuss concerns within the teams and in the classroom.

Employees can discuss any concern with their manager or with the occupational social worker. Students can contact their study career coach or counsellor. As communicated earlier, we are doing everything we can to set up the locations safely, so that it is easy to adhere to the guidelines. This is important because it allows us to continue teaching on location. We must all do our best and offer our students the best possible education, because it is our societal responsibility.

As of Saturday 4 September, RUAS will also be open to study on Saturdays. Students can then make use of study places at the Kralingse Zoom and Academieplein locations from 9:00 to 16:00. This is a pilot project that will last until the Christmas holidays.

For reasons of safety and practicality, we have set several rules at these locations on Saturdays. On these days, for example, caretakers, supervisors, and a receptionist will be present. Students only have access to open workplaces.

Workplaces of teachers and other employees are not accessible. The car parks are closed as well. During holidays, these locations will be closed on Saturdays. Students are not supposed to bring guests.

The opening on Saturdays will be evaluated. Should it be successful, we will consider whether these two locations can be opened structurally on Saturdays and/or whether it is necessary to include other locations.

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