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On location: measures & provisions

All our buildings are open. You can check the opening hours under the heading Information per location.
Under the heading Education during the pandemic you can find out which activities are taking place in which building and which institutes/study programmes are using which buildings. When you are in a Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences building, please adhere to RIVM and guidelines.

At the moment, the RIVM measures still apply, such as keeping your distance, washing your hands, sneezing into your elbow, and using a paper handkerchief. If you have health complaints, get tested and stay at home. Even if you are quarantined because you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, you should stay at home.

Before you visit the location, watch the video below with instructions. These instructions are based on the 1.5m protocol of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. It includes practical guidelines and rules for educational activities to take place on a location adhering to the 1.5 metre rule. All visitors must comply to the measures in place.

To reduce traffic in public transportation, we advise that you use your own transport as much as possible, such as a bicycle or scooter. If you travel by public transport, stick to the measures that apply.

The limited parking facilities are not made available in advance to employees or students. In exceptional cases - for example on the basis of a medical indication - it will be examined whether space can be made for this. If you have any questions and / or concerns about this, please contact your dean, your manager or email the corona information point

In preparation for the start-up, we took the following measures to create the safest and most pleasant learning environment possible.

  • Cleaning. The FIT service department ensures that rooms and workplaces for education are cleaned after use. If there are group changes in classrooms and other rooms sometimes even several times a day. Contact points that are frequently touched by staff and students are also cleaned daily with appropriate cleaning agents. 
  • Disinfectants. At the entrances of all buildings you will find columns to disinfect your hands. At the vending machines wipes and/or sprays are available and at many other points hand dispensers.
  • Ventilation. Well before the buildings open, we will make sure that the air treatment systems are switched on again, so that there is sufficient ventilation everywhere. Questions have been asked as to whether the ventilation systems can contribute to contamination. RIVM research indicates that there are no indications for this. According to RIVM guidelines, good ventilation is important for refreshing air and contributes to a healthy indoor climate. That is why it is important, for example, to open a number of windows for fresh air in rooms with several people present. Please be aware of this yourself. All our buildings amply meet the requirements for ventilation of educational buildings. The systems are certified & get checked regularly.
  • Routing and stickers. Upon entering the buildings and other places, stations have been placed to disinfect your hands. In order to guide the flow of people properly, we realised routes in the buildings with stickers. Follow the indicated routes, stick to the one-way traffic and pay attention to the maximum occupancy in a room. Elevators are for use by disabled persons and goods transport only. In other cases, use the stairs. You can view the routing and stickering here in this film of our Willem de Kooning Academie location and in this film you can watch the lay-out of the online assessment facility at the Museumpark location.
  • Staff directions on location. Staff of Facilities and Information Technology department
    will be present at the locations and can provide additional (route) directions. They will help promote logistical flow and safety on location. Please follow their instructions and help safeguard your own health and safety and that of other students and staff.
  • Keep your desk tidy for work and study. Working and studying from home remains the norm for the time being if you are not scheduled for education or testing and you have adequate facilities at home. If you come to work or study at our locations, make sure you keep your work/study place clean. Please tidy up the table or desk you are working on before you leave. Do not leave any papers, leftover food or other rubbish lying around. This small effort promotes a healthy learning and working environment.

The duty to wear a face mask in public spaces has been valid since 1 December 2020. It also applies to the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The obligation to wear a mask applies to corridors, open learning centres, lifts, stairwells, restaurants, for example

When walking around, wear a face mask. When seated and at least 1,5 metres from someone else, you can remove the mask .The face mask requirement does not apply to classrooms, where existing safety measures are generally well adhered to. Those who wish to wear a face mask of their own accord during lectures are, of course, free to do so. In practical worksites, laboratories and other areas for skills education the safety measures apply that are appropriate to the nature of the education taking place there.

It is everyone's own responsibility to have a face mask on location.

By sharing the following questions and corresponding answers with you, we hope to create even more clarity about the face mask obligation.

  1. Where should I wear a mask, and when can I remove it?
    The most important thing to remember is to wear a face mask when you travel through the school. When walking through the corridors, in the stairwells, in the restaurant, open learning centres, et cetera. The face mask can be removed when you sit down if you keep a distance of 1.5 metres from others. For example: wear a face mask when walking through the corridors to the classroom, and after you sit down you can remove it. If you then go to the restaurant, you wear it again and when you sit down to eat, you can remove it.  
  2. Are students/employees who refuse to wear a face mask not welcome at the school?
    We want to be an open institution and we want to welcome all staff and students. However, as there is a formal obligation, staff and students who refuse a face mask are not welcome. Colleagues and students who have forgotten their face mask can turn to our reception desks.
  3. Wearing a face mask is not compulsory in the classroom, but what if it is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres while walking through that room?
    The classrooms are set up according to the 1.5 metres measure and that remains the norm. In classroom situations (such as walking in and out of the classroom along the tables of fellow students or in case of certain exceptional work methods) where the 1.5 metres cannot be observed properly, it is compulsory to wear a face mask. It is up to the teacher to assess whether this is the case and also to ensure that the 1.5 metres measure is observed in the classroom. If you wish to wear a face mask of your own accord in the classroom, you are of course free to do so.
  4. When do you put the face mask back on when you leave the room?
    It is best to put on the face mask at the end of the lesson, before leaving the classroom. This prevents blockages at the door and in the corridors.
  5. Is wearing a face mask compulsory in the library?
    The library is a public space where people are walking around, so yes. As soon as you sit down at your desk and are at 1.5 metres from the others, you can take the mask off.
  6. Is wearing a face mask mandatory in offices, open-plan offices, conference rooms or closed of (student) work spaces?
    Enclosed spaces are not public spaces, so wearing a face mask is not mandatory, as these spaces are arranged according to the 1.5 metre measures. In these areas, the intention is to sit at a desk or table and to limit walking around. Wearing a face mask is compulsory if the 1.5-metre measure cannot be properly observed when walking in these areas.
  7. If I am sitting on a bench or at a table having a meeting or working on an assignment with fellow students, do I have to wear a face mask?
    The same applies to this situation: when you sit down in your seat and are at a distance of 1.5 metres to another, you can take the face mask offas soon as you start walking around, put the face mask back on.
  8. Do I have to wear a face mask when I am sitting (alone) at the table studying or working in the restaurants?
    Wearing a face mask is compulsory in the restaurants. The same rules apply as in the food services sector: as soon as you sit down at a table, the face mask can be taken off.
  9. Can the face mask be removed while eating or drinking?
    You can eat and drink in the restaurants. In the restaurants you can take off your face mask while sitting at the table. In the other public areas you are always required to wear a face mask.
  10. Are the RUAS face masks only for employees?
    The idea is for everyone to bring their own face mask, this applies to both students and staff. The school has a limited stock available at the reception desks. For those who have forgotten one, remember that once they are gone, there will no longer be a supply.
  11. Can I come to the school locations with corona-like (Covid-19) complaints now that I am wearing a face mask anyway?
    According to RIVM guidelines, you must remain at home when you suffer from those complaints, and you cannot come to the school locations for a lesson, assessment or work.
  12. How is the compulsory face mask enforced, and are there consequences in the event of refusal to wear one?
    The experience of the past few days shows that students and staff also comply with the rules without any form of enforcement. In the past few days, there have been occasional cases of a friendly form of enforcement, when everyone has been addressed without a face mask or has been given a face mask. We can and must all continue to address each other. We believe that this form of enforcement will prove to be sufficient.
    In the unlikely event that the rules are not complied with, such as the face mask obligation, disciplinary measures can be taken, as is the case with all House Rules (in accordance with the Higher Education and Research Act). But, once again, we do not expect it to be necessary, because we notice that everyone is dealing with it professionally and adheres to the measure.
  13. There are 'open spaces' and 'labs' where lessons take place, but that are also part of the public space. Do I have to wear a face mask there?
    Yes, if during the lesson students are walking around you should wear a face mask. Should you have a fixed seat at a distance of 1.5 metres from another, the face mask can be removed not.
  14. Now that we are wearing face masks, can we keep less distance to another in public spaces?
    No, the 1.5-metre measure remains in force despite the face mask obligation.
  15. What if I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a face mask?
     If you have a medical indication, you can take the usual steps that you would otherwise take to get an exemption on medical grounds. Students can report to the counsellor, employees can report to their manager.

Do you have health complaints? Then stay at home. Can you work from home? Then work at home. Are you expected to do your work at one of the open locations? Please observe the precautions.

Everyone must strictly adhere to the applicable instructions from the government with regard to keeping their distance and staying at home in the event of the slightest health complaints. Also follow the instructions of employees of the university when allocating spaces to work and learn and instructions they give in the performance of their supervisory function.

Before visiting one of the locations, you must have read the protocol of the university carefully. Where the facilities at home are adequate, it is recommended to use them. Incidentally, the university college may put a brake on access when it is busy.

From 31 August most library locations are open for a few hours on two weekdays. You can visit the library to pick up reserved books or to return them. To get and borrow books from the collection yourself is not yet possible. You must first reserve them and wait for an e-mail confirmation in your inbox.

  • New student or employee? Please read:Borrowing, renewal and reservations for further details.
  • It is also possible to turn books in by means of an automated system at the locations Museumpark and Academieplein during opening hours.
  • The Academieplein location has  a work space available with computers. Please follow the arrows of the recommended walking route. Do not move furniture around and keep your distance to others!
  • Tip: Search for your study programme books via Information sources per study programme and click on the tab Book List. In this way you can easily reserve books or access the e-book version (in case available).

Check Library News for current information

The restaurants have limited opening hours and are only to be used as distribution points for food and drink. Of course, you can eat something there, but they are not the place to linger, have a group meal that has been delivered, to study or catch up. Some restaurants are very busy. If the hustle and bustle at the locations does not lessen, we will review whether we need to tighten up the measures. More communication on this matter will follow.

The restaurants are open at the following times for the coming period:

Kralingse Zoom
The restaurant is open from 11:00 – 13:00 and from 15:00 – 19:00
Grand Café: closed 

Wijnhaven 107
Foodlab is open from 10:00 – 14:00 

Blaak/Wijnhaven 61
Restaurant De Willem is open from 09:00 – 15:00 

Restaurant is open from 08:30 – 19:00
Coffee Corner is open from 08:00-15:00

Pick-up from the coffee corner from 08:00 – 16:30
Restaurant on the first floor is closed 

Restaurant is open from Monday through Thursday 08:30 17:30 and Friday from 08:30 – 15:00 

Pick-up from the coffee corner from 09:30 – 14:00
Restaurant on eighth floor is closed

Pieter de Hoochweg
Restaurant is closed

The coffee and candy vending machines are available, with disinfecting wipes to clean the screens and your hands.

We do understand that some students and colleagues find it difficult to come to the location under these circumstances. This out of concern for their own health, or that of someone near them. We also understand that people can be reluctant to express their concern openly. It should not be. We call on managers and study career coaches to discuss concerns within the teams and in the classroom.

Employees can discuss any concern with their manager or with the occupational social worker. Students can contact their study career coach or counsellor. As communicated earlier, we are doing everything we can to set up the locations safely, so that it is easy to adhere to the guidelines. This is important because it allows us to continue teaching on location. We must all do our best and offer our students the best possible education, because it is our societal responsibility.


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