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Health complaints

Do you have any health complaints? Then stay at home. Get tested if you have complaints that are similar to Covid-19 symptoms. Do not come to class or exam. Report your absence to your study career coach or supervisor. If you can work or study, do it from home. Everyone must strictly adhere to the applicable instructions from the government with regard to keeping their distance and staying at home in the event of the slightest health complaints. Also follow the instructions of employees of the university of applied sciences when allocating spaces for working and learning and instructions they give in the performance of their supervisory function.

Please read the added section to the student handbook about Covid-19.

Do not come to school and report to your study career coach (SLC) or supervisor that you are sick or quarantined. A process has been set up for Study Career Coaches (SCC) and managers to register reports from students or employees who report that they have been placed in home quarantine by order of the GP or GGD. See this flow chart for the process. 

The registration of the notifications is important in order for RUAS to be able to properly monitor the illness reports.

Are you sick or quarantined? Please read the Basic Rules as advised by the RIVM.

The university follows the guidelines of the RIVM. If you, as a staff member or student, have a fever of 38 degrees or more, with respiratory complaints, coughing and shortness of breath / or have been in a risk area, or have been in contact with someone who is infected with the corona virus, call the doctor or the local GGD  and make an appointment to get tested. The phone number is 0800 - 1202 or look at the website of the government made for this purpose

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