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As previously communicated, current first-year and second-year students will receive a binding study recommendation, but no formal consequences will be attached to this. So no one has to leave their study programme. This does not mean that the university does not attach value to the study recommendation, on the contrary. Students should take that recommendation very seriously and discuss how to approach the continuation of their studies with their study career coach. The students' own responsibility is, therefore, expressly appealed to. Certainly in view of the fact that the credits that have not yet been obtained must still be achieved at a later time. Formal requirements which are set for passing the propaedeutic phase and the Associate degree or Bachelor's examination will continue to exist.

RUAS expects students to actually follow the programme that is offered online. At the moment there are no holidays, where possible education continues as usual.

We understand the many questions about lectures, assessments, Binding Study Recommendation, etcetera. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is discussing such sector-wide subjects with other universities of applied sciences and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. As soon as a national guideline has been formulated, or a guideline specifically for the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is available, we will communicate any new guideline.




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