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Research centres

For applied research

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences research focuses on 5 regionally embedded themes, organised in 5 research centres. Multiple applied research professors conduct the studies within each of these research centres.

  • Creating 010

    How do you realise more network relations in the creative industry - the work field of artists, designers and IT professionals, whose work involves the interdisciplinary collaboration with other professional fields? This is the pivotal issue for the Creating 010 Research Centre.

  • Business Innovation

    Of all the hotspots of expertise within Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Research Centre Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation is the most knowledgeable when it comes to innovation and business. It conducts, and contributes to, applied research for the domain of economics as well as the business world in order to support both businesses and students in their ventures.

  • Innovations in Care

    The Research Centre Innovations in Care contributes to the professional practices within the health care system. It investigates innovations in, as well as with, the healthcare providing sector. Research professors, researchers as well as future professionals all collaborate in these studies. The knowledge yielded helps solve issues in daily practice, inspires students and is relevant to theory assessment and development.

  • Sustainable Port Cities

    The Research Centre for Sustainable Port Cities concentrates on the development of knowledge, insight and solutions for Rotterdam's transition into a sustainable port city. Applied research is our way to achieve this. We focus on knowledge development for Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences students' intended work field, so that the acquired knowledge is of value to the relevant university curriculums.

  • Urban Talent

    How do we stimulate the ample talent that Rotterdam can boast? The Research Centre Urban Talent examines as to how professionals, such as teachers, welfare workers, social entrepreneurs and service providers can tap into and develop this multitude of talent - in their day-to-day work. That is how we create a powerful, inspiring learning environment for everyone.

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