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Are internship activities still taking place?

Internship activities can in theory take place. It is up to the internship provider/business and the intern. 

Contact your internship provider to discuss the situation and to obtain an employer's statement. If necessary, your RUAS internship supervisor can offer support, for example, if the conversation does not run smoothly.

The following is important here: the starting point is that the students do an internship. If you have an employment contract, you must follow the policy of the school/organisation (your employer). If you work at a school on the basis of an internship contract (intern) and your internship address asks you not to come in, you will stay at home and we will look for a way to prevent study delay as much as possible. If the internship address asks you to be present, we assume that you will be.

For now, we assume that you are available for school (online) on your school days and will not go to your internship address on those days. If you are hesitant, for example, because you or someone close to you has health problems, please contact your study programme lecturer or Study Career Coach.

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