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When you're busy with (literature) research, you soon find out much information isn't freely accessible: you need a login code, or you have to pay for a scientific article. On campus you automatically have access to many databases, but how does it work off-campus? We've a got a handy solution for that now.

Add 'Library Access' to your web browser

Library Access is an extension for your web browser. It will remain inactive until you visit a website the library has a subscription on. Then you're logged in and you've got access! Even after that the Library Access extension keeps assisting you with finding the full-text version of articles. It does this by giving you a link to the article in another database (when available). Library Access also improves your Google Scholar search results.

Get access everywhere

So this extension makes getting access to scientific publications easier. This comes in handy when you're at home at your internship. Just install it in your browser and you won't miss any valuable information. At the moment, Library Access is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera and Firefox. On campus computers there's no need to install it, because you already have access there.



Setup is easy

When you are on the Rotterdam university campus, you don't have to do anything. The configuration is done automatically. Off-campus the only thing you have to do is choose "Hogeschool Rotterdam" at "Select your library".

You don't have access to other libraries, unless you study or teach there. If this is the case, it might be possible to set these up as an "extra institute".

How does it work?

It automates access and gets you the full-text version easier

The Library Access browser extension works as follows: when you visit a site that the library has a subscription on, you are directed to the login screen of Rotterdam University. After login you've got access tot all the licensed material.

The browser extension displays an icon in the browser toolbar. This sort of works like a traffic light. When this icon is green ( library access groen ), you are logged in. When the icon is grey (  ) it's inactive. Is it yellow ( geel library access ikoon ), then the extension has a message or tip for you.

Within a database Library Access can show you pop-ups when it has found a full-text version of an article elsewhere. When it isn't available anywhere, you get the option to send a request to us, so we can get the article for you. Note that this service isn't free.

What about my privacy?

You can use the Library Access extension completely anonymously. The extension doesn't gather personal information. It also doesn't store your IP address or the unique identifier of your computer.

Other access methods

Alternate options

Of course, even without the extension you can get access to our databases from home. You've got the following options:

It's not necessary to login on HINT first. However you do need to use the links on the library website. Also take a look at the Literature Research Guide to learn how to search effectively.

I've got a problem or question

Questions on how to use it, or the installation? Satisfied with the extension or not? Are you a teacher and would you like a demonstration?

Contact René Oostdijk

  • Tip: after an update the settings of the extension may not have loaded properly. It often helps to turn the extension on and off a few times. You can do this in the browser settings.

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