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Get to know our campus, our students, our teachers, our university as also Rotterdam online: we organise several webinars, where you can meet us online.


6 April 11:00 International Supply Chain Management (MSC) Watch here
6 April 14:00 Pre-Master Watch here 
7 April 14:00 International Business  Watch here
8 April 11:00 Consultancy & Entrepreneurship (MCE) Watch here
15 April 14:00 Housing Watch here
 7 May 14:00 International Business year 1 & Student Experience Watch here 
12 May 14:00 International Business Students: Experience & Exchange Watch here
14 May 14:00 Visa Process (Full degree)  
20 May 11:00 International Business: Languages & Culture  Watch here
28 May 13:00 International Business: Specialisations  Watch here
TBA TBA Visa Process (Full degree)  


If you would like to watch one of the following webinars live, please register above

After the webinar has concluded it will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel

Programme Webinars

International Business

4 part information webinars

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