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Meet us at one of the events across the world

Throughout the year our representatives travel around the world to meet you. They visit educational fairs and participate in different events and recruitment trips.

Let us know via our email: if you want to meet with us when we are visiting your home country. This season our representatives will travel to the cities below for different fairs and events.

Start date End date City Country Event Link
1-9-2019 7-9-2019 Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai India FPP Fair
16-9-2019 19-9-2019 Singapore, Bangkok Singapore, Thailand International School fair  
20-9-2019 21-9-2019 Bangkok Thailand CIS conference *  
20-9-2019 23-9-2019 Moscow, St. Petersburg Russia Nuffic Neso event, Begin Group fair, agent seminar
21-9-2019 21-9-2019 Riga Latvia Baltic Council Fair
28-9-2019 29-9-2019 Kiev, Odessa Ukraine DEC fair
29-9-2019 29-9-2019 Paris France CIS International School fair  
1-10-2019 2-10-2019 Geneva, Zurich Switzerland CIS International School fair  
3-10-2019 3-10-2019 Vilnius Lithuania Kalba fair
5-10-2019 6-10-2019 Sofia Bulgaria Integral fair
15-10-2019 16-10-2019 Milan Italy QS (Under)Graduate Fair
19-10-2019 20-10-2019 Bucharest Romania RIUF
20-10-2019 24-10-2019 Cairo Egypt International School fair  
21-10-2019 22-10-2019 Athens, Thessaloniki Greece QS Graduate Fair
23-10-2019 23-10-2019 Brussels Belgium British School of Brussels  
26-10-2019 3-11-2019 Hanoi, HCMC, Jakarta Vietnam, Indonesia Nuffic Neso DPD, EHEF
26-10-2019 26-10-2019 Warsaw Poland Bellnor fair
7-11-2019 8-11-2019 Luxembourg Luxembourg Cedies fair
7-11-2019 12-11-2019 Belgrade, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Frankfurt, Rome Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republik, Germany, Italy CIS International School fair  
16-11-2019 16-11-2019 Brussels Belgium European School Brussels IV  
18-11-2019 19-11-2019 Barcelona, Madrid Spain CIS International School fair  
20-11-2019 20-11-2019 Bilbao Spain CIS conference *  
24-11-2019 24-11-2019 Ghent Belgium De BuitenlandBeurs


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Currently our recruitment team consists of three resprentatives:


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