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In your home country

Meet us at one of the events across the world

Throughout the year our representatives travel around the world to meet you.

They visit educational fairs and participate in different events and recruitment trips.

Let us know via our email: if you want to meet with us when we are visiting your home country. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Currently our recruitment team consists of three resprentatives:

Meet our representatives abroad

This season our representatives will travel to the cities below for different fairs and events.

Start Date End Date City Country Event
10-1-2019 12-1-2019 Budapest Hungary Educatio International Education fair
26-1-2019 27-1-2019 Kyiv, Odessa Ukraine DEC Education fair
4-2-2019 8-2-2019 Tbilisi, Baku, Astana, Tashkent Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan International School tour
5-2-2019 7-2-2019 Tallinn, Tartu, Riga Estonia, Latvia Dream Dutch Days 
7-2-2019 9-2-2019 Vilnius Lithuania Kastu Studies fair 
15-2-2019 16-2-2019 Tirana Albania INTEGRAL World Education Fair
17-2-2019 17-2-2019 Almaty Kazakhstan Begin Group fair
23-2-2019 24-2-2019 Sofia Bulgaria INTEGRAL World Education Fair
28-2-2019 28-2-2019 Thessaloniki Greece QS World Grad School fair
3-3-2019 3-3-2019 Athens Greece QS World Universities fair
5-3-2019 5-3-2019 Barcelona Spain QS World Grad School fair
11-3-2019 11-3-2019 Amsterdam NL International School fair
12-3-2019 18-3-2019 Amman Jordan International School tour
14-3-2019 24-3-2019 Shanghai, Beijing China International School tour
16-3-2019 16-3-2019 Riga Latvia Baltic Council Days of International Education
17-3-2019 18-3-2019 Moscow, St. Petersburg Russia Begin Group Undergraduate fair
18-3-2019 18-3-2019 Milan Italy QS World Grad School fair
19-3-2019 19-3-2019 Milan Italy QS World Universities fair
22-3-2019 22-3-2019 Brussels Belgium Hogeschool Odisee fair
23-3-2019 24-3-2018 Bucharest Romania RIUF
24-3-2019 24-3-2019 Paris France QS World Universities fair
25-3-2019 28-3-2019 North UK United Kingdom FPP fair
30-3-2019 7-4-2019 Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi India FPP fair
3-4-2019 3-4-2019 Brussels Belgium EPHEC
6-4-2019 7-4-2019 Hanoi, HCMC Vietnam Begin Group Undergraduate fair

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