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Digitally in your home country

Meet us at one of the digital events across the world

This season our recruitment trips are a little different due to the corona virus. This year we will be available to meet you at several online recruitment events around the world, from online fairs to digital open days.

Throughout the year our representatives travel around the world to meet you. They visit educational fairs and participate in different events and recruitment trips. This year they cannot do that but are attending several online fairs and events throughout the year. Below is a list of the events we are attending, which might be in your home country: 

 Recruiter   Attending
8/24/2020 Central & South Asia CIS Marissa
9/11/2020 Bangkok, Thailand International School of Bangkok Marissa
9/17/2020 South East Asia CIS Marissa
9/21/2020 Indonesia Eduplan (Partner Agent) Marissa
9/23/2020 East Asia & Oceania CIS Marissa
9/25/2020 India & Russia Nuffic Chris, Nick & Marissa
9/28/2020 Jakarta, Indonesia Eduplan (Partner Agent) Marissa
9/29/2020 Oxford, UK St. Clare's International School Chris
10/4/2020 Sofia, Bulgaria Integral (Partner Agent) Agent Attendence
10/5/2020 Western Europe CIS Chris
10/5/2020 Athens, Greece QS World Graduate Fair Nick
10/9/2020 Hanoi, Vietnam Gse Beo (Partner Agent) Marissa
10/10/2020 Sofia, Bulgaria Edlanta (Partner Agent) Chris
10/15/2020 Milan/Turin, Italy QS World Graduate Fair Nick
10/15/2020 Bucharest, Romania Educativa (Partner Agent) Marissa
10/15/2020 Valencia, Spain Educoway (Partner Agent) Student Attendence
10/17/2020 Zagreb, Croatia BHV (Partner Agent) Marissa
10/19/2020 Jakarta, Indonesia Cialfo Marissa
10/20/2020 Beijing, China Cialfo Marissa
10/20/2020 Russia Nuffic Neso Polina
10/21/2020 Mumbai, India Oberoi International School Chris
10/22/2020 Eastern Europe & Turkey CIS Chris
10/24/2020 Baltics Baltic Council (Partner Agent) Marissa
10/25/2020 Jakarta, Indonesia Eduplan (Partner Agent) Agent Attendence
10/26/2020 Lithuania Kalba (Partner Agent) Marissa
10/29/2020 Lithuania Kastu (Partner Agent) Student Attendance
10/29/2020 Bucharest, Romania RIUF, Educativa (Partner Agent) Chris
10/31/2020 Hanoi, Vietnam HISA (Partner Agent) Marissa
11/4/2020 Latvia, Estonia Dream Foundation (Partner Agent) Marissa
11/5/2020 Bucharest, Romania Student Consulting (Partner Agent) Marissa
11/5/2020 Russia Begin Group (Partner Agent) Marissa & Polina
11/8/2020 Ukraine DEC (Partner Agent) Nick
11/8/2020 Worldwide Virtually Orange, event for International school students & counsellors Marissa
11/11/2020 Bonaire Study Fair Bonaire Chris
11/10/2020 Latvia, Estonia Dream Foundation (Partner Agent) Marissa
11/13/2020 Warsaw, Poland Bellnor (Partner Agent) Chris
11/13/2020 Luxembourg Cedies fair Chris
11/18/2020 Indonesia, Vietnam NUFFIC Neso Marissa & Nick
11/19/2020   CIS Forum Marissa
11/19/2020 All Integral Countries Integral (Partner Agent) Marissa
11/28/2020 Indonesia EHEF (Partner Agent) Nick & Marissa
12/9/2020 New Delhi, India QS World Graduate Fair Nick & Agent

Let us know via our email: if you want to meet with us when we are visiting your home country in the near future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Currently our recruitment team consists of five representatives:

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