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Research group Community Care

of dr. Henk Rosendal

The research programme is sponsored by Laurens, a healthcare provider in Rotterdam. Henk Rosendal is also chairman of the Community Nursing Advancement Foundation (SBW).

The future of healthcare lies in neighbourhoods. That is where chronically ill and elderly people live, and where opportunities for early detection and intervention lie. Six out of seven people over eighty live at home, independently! The community nurse is re-emerging and further development of community care is an urgent task.  Because of the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) provision 'community nursing' is being transferred to the Health Insurance legislation, so insurers will need to invest in different ways of providing community care. For this purpose, it is important to support community nursing-based action scientifically, and to organise it into a system of directives. This is being realised within the Community Nursing Guidelines project. The results will also function as input for the curricula of nursing education. In collaboration with Laurens, Henk Rosendal is working on the project 'At Home in the Neighbourhood' (as well as other projects) in which small, district-oriented teams of nurses, community nurses and general practitioners offer integrated care.

Research programme

The research group Community Care is part of the research programme Integrated Care of Research Centre Innovations in Care.


ActiZ, Thuiszorg Rotterdam, V&VN Nursing (Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden Nederland), Laurens, HAN University of Applied Sciences.

"Rather than an anonymous phone number of a home care organisation, there's Mary, the district nurse."

dr. Henk Rosendal Applied research professor Community Care

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