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dr. Sander Hilberink

Professor Ageing with lifelong disabilities.

Sander Hilberink graduated as a psychologist from Radboud University Nijmegen in 2000. After gaining experience in research into benzodiazepine dependence and nicotine dependence, he began his PhD research into support for smoking COPD patients in 2002.


By dr. Sander Hilberink

Autonomy in participation in cerebral palsy from childhood to adulthood

Health and participation problems in older adults with long-term disability

Transferring Young People With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities From Pediatric to Adult Medical Care: Parents' Experiences and Recommendations

Citizenship according to the UNCRPD and in practice: a plea for a broader view

The road to independence: Lived experiences of youth with chronic conditions and their parents compared

Motivational factors in discussing sexual health with young people with chronic conditions or disabilities

Using the new board game SeCZ TaLK to stimulate the communication on sexual health for adolescents with chronic conditions

Skills for Growing Up-Epilepsy: An exploratory mixed methods study into a communication tool to promote autonomy and empowerment of youth with epilepsy

How to define successful transition? An exploration of consensus indicators and outcomes in young adults with chronic conditions

Entering the labor market: increased employment rates of young adults with chronic physical conditions after a vocational rehabilitation program

'Skills for growing up': supporting autonomy in young people with kidney disease

Readiness to transfer to adult care of adolescents with chronic conditions: exploration of associated factors

Using a Board Game About Sexual Health with Young People with Chronic Conditions in Daily Practice

A Research into Facilitating and Impeding Factors

Evaluating outpatient transition clinics: a mixed-methods study protocol

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