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International Business and Career (IBaC)

Exchange programme

Bringing together business students from all over the world, from Chile to China and from Sweden to South-Africa, with different backgrounds of knowledge and skills, International Business and Career (IBaC) offers students the chance to work together on real business cases in multidisciplinary and multicultural consultancy teams, in order to advise companies on how to enter new markets.

In the IBaC programme, you will learn how to use the latest market research techniques and marketing models for international business challenges. Besides this, you will further develop your entre- and intrapreneurial skills and will learn how to make use of innovation techniques to make companies flexible and resilient in a fast-changing business world.

IBaC offers you an international community of around 50 young professionals from all over the world, who will build their long-lasting friendships through studying, playing and growing, within a five months’ pressure cooker.

Are you interested in international business and working across borders? Do you want to challenge your business skills in a multicultural setting? Are you creative, innovative and a real problem solver? Are you driven by a curiosity about how to conduct business in a globalized world? Then IBaC is definitely your choice!

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The programme at a glance

Programme information

What to expect

About the programme

Within the IBaC programme, you will develop an International Business Plan:

  • in an international multicultural context;
  • with a strong focus on marketing and innovation;
  • meeting the needs and wants of the customer;
  • thereby achieving profitable win-win situations;
  • that are logistically feasible and legally and financially sound;
  • and can be implemented operationally.

Students are triggered to find strategic, creative solutions for existing international business and marketing challenges. Innovative teaching approaches ensure a dynamic, stimulating environment, in which students are pushed to develop critical competences and to achieve the very best. The competitive atmosphere encourages them to strive for optimal results, allowing them to stand out and gain a head-start when applying for a job.

Build up your network! 

In the IBaC programme, we host students from all over the world, because we are working with 80 different partner universities. In international business in particular, the importance of a well-maintained network cannot be over-emphasized. The contacts you will make during the semester, will broaden your network and will help you with your future career.



The focus of the programme is on project-based learning, supported by lectures, that will give you the tools to solve different challenges presented during the semester.

The project will be supported by lectures on:

  • Marketing;
  • Market research;
  • Innovation;
  • Cross cultural management and
  • Negotiations.

Besides this, IBaC will offer each year a different variety of electives.

By following the core courses and electives, the student will achieve many different competences, very well appreciated in an international business environment.

Type of assessment

There will be different forms of assessments:

  • Presentations;
  • Reports;
  • Individual Assessments;
  • Exams.

Study load

The full study load is 30 ECTS, divided as follows:

  1. Project (15 ECTS)
  2. Core courses, to support the project:
    1. Research (3 ECTS)
    2. Innovation (3 ECTS)
    3. Cross Cultural Management and Negotiations (3 ECTS)
  3. Besides this, you can choose 3 electives out of the following offer:
    1. European Business with several small field trips to European destinations included (2 ECTS) - To be confirmed
    2. Geopolitics (2 ECTS) - Not offered in Spring 2021
    3. Logistics and Legal Aspects (2 ECTS) - To be confirmed
    4. International Field Trip, a one-week business trip to a European destination (2 ECTS) - To be confirmed
    5. Global Entrepreneurship Week a world-wide event on entre- and intrapreneurship (2 ECTS) - Not offered in Spring 2021

Electives Spring 2021: Final offer will be confirmed as soon as possible. For further questions, please send an email to

Learning outcomes

If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

  • Apply marketing concepts in an international environment;
  • React in a creative, flexible and innovative way to international business problems;
  • Translate these problems into profitable solutions;
  • Reflect on your personal and professional competences, attitude and behaviour in a multicultural business environment.

and will have:

  • Thorough practical knowledge of international business;
  • An extensive international network;
  • A springboard to an international business career.


Block 1

8 - 12 February Introduction Week
15 - 19 February Lectures 
22 - 26 February Spring break
1 March - 2 April Lectures
5 - 9 April Exams and presentations

Block 2

12 - 16 April Lectures
19 - 23 April Field trip
26 - 30 April Lectures
3 - 7 May Holiday Week
10 May - 4 June Lectures
7 - 18 June Presentations and exams
21 - 24 June Resits


After successfully completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of Records
  • Special IBaC Certificate

Besides this, at the end of the programme, we will hand out the famous IBaC Challenge Cup, for the best project team of the year.


An indication of the subjects you can expect

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