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Guest Lecture: Deltas Worldwide

An introduction to river delta development

We would like to invite you for the online guest lecture on February 22nd. This Guest Lecture is hosted by Wietse van de Lageweg, lecturer at HZ and earth scientist.

Guest lecture: Deltas Worldwide

Deltas can be found along most coastlines globally. Well-known examples are the Mississippi, Nile and the Dutch Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt deltas. Yet, none of these deltas are the same. They differ in, among others, size, shape, ecosystem functioning and anthropogenic use. Can we come up with smart parameters that help us better understand the similarities and differences between deltas worldwide? In terms of size, formative processes, and ecological and societal functioning.

The master programme River Delta Development is a joint degree offered by the three universities of applied sciences Hogeschool Rotterdam, Van Hall Larenstein en HZ. Each university will a host a guest lecture. The first guest lecture is offered by HZ and the next Guest Lecture will be hosted by Van Hall Larenstein on March 30th. Later on Hogeschool Rotterdam will host a Guest Lecture.

Are you curious what you will learn during the Master River Delta Development? Please, sign up for this Guest Lecture here.

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