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Changes in information resources

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24 September 2018

New: Trendwatching, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

New & modified

  • Trendwatching

    (19/04/2018) Stay in the know regarding trends and innovation in various industry sectors via
  • Respons Evenementendatabase

    (13/02/2018) For the Leisure Management education. Contains news and market reports on events in the Netherlands.

  • Fiscaal Totaal

    (10/01/2018) This database is accessible again as of January 1st.


  • NRIT

    (29/08/2018) Subscription suspended at the request of Leisure Management 
  • INL Kennisbanken

    Terminated by the publisher.

  • Keesings Historisch Archief

    Terminated by the publisher.
  • Business Trends Asia

    This website has been suspended.

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