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Responsible innovation, development, and deployment of automated technology

Publication of Creating 010
Marieke M.M. Peeters, M. Harbers, T.J. Baar | Conference contribution | Publication date: 21 May 2014
A heated international debate is taking place about the innovation, development, and deployment of automated military technology, such as remotely-controlled aerial vehicles. Recently, the scope of the debate is extended to the moral concerns about (future) automated technology possibly able to make decisions about the application of kinetic force (e.g. fire a bullet) without human intervention. In this abstract, we will argue that it is hardly possible to have a discussion about the dangers of automated technology in general because automated technology is specialist in nature, capable of performing specific tasks within an, often, narrow context. Furthermore, we will argue that automated technology should be designed and developed in a way that supports responsible use from an early design stage all the way to its correct deployment.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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