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A consensus statement on how to conduct inclusive health research

Publication of Innovations in Care
E. Garcia Iriarte, K. Brooker, M. Cardol, P. O'Brien, T. Buchner, R. Northway, J. Naaldenberg, F. Crowther, J. Walmsley, H. Schrojenstein Landman - de Valk,van, T.K. Frankena, A. Schippers, G. Leusink, E. Joosa, A. Fudge Schormans, Petri Embregts, C. Linehan | Article | Publication date: 11 April 2018
The active involvement of people with intellectual disabilities in research, or inclusive research, is relatively common. However, inclusive health research is less common, even though it is expected to lead to appropriate healthcare and increased quality of life. Inclusive health research can build upon lessons learned from inclusive research.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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