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Liza, Student

Yelyzaveta Drevetniak, Ukrainian

Read what our current student had to say about her experience at RBS and the Master in International Supply Chain Management. Intake: September 2019/2020

Hi, I am Yelyzaveta and I am currently studying Master in International Supply Chain Management.

What has your study experience been like so far?
I am enjoying my education very much. For me, this is the first experience at a european university and I like the level of friendliness and transparency between professors and students. This creates a very safe and interesting academic atmosphere.

What do you think of RBS and RUAS?
I like the complex approach at RBS: we have not only gained knowledge in the professional field, but also improved interpersonal communication and various soft-skills such as team-work, leadership, presenting skills and international communication. These are valuable assets for the business world. The teaching styles prepares us well for the job market and get the desired position.

What is special about your study programme?
People. Teachers are very professional and empathic and students are very creative and funny guys. I found some very nice friends at RBS.

What do you think of Rotterdam?
I live in a different city, but I really enjoy Rotterdam as a city. It is dynamic, growing and offers a lot of opportunities for young professionals.

How do you get access to companies through your programme?
My example is rather unique I got a Master thesis project through the Bachelor Graduates Network Event, which happens, twice a year, I think. Now I have a thesis internship at a company of my dreams!

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