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Introduction Days

Welcome to our international students

During the international introduction days we welcome our international students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The main goal of the programme is to learn more about Rotterdam, the Netherlands, immigration matters, school and each other!


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences organises a free-of-charge pick-up service from Schiphol (Amsterdam) at the beginning of every semester for all international students. After picking you up from Schiphol, we will drop you off at Rotterdam Central Station.

More information regarding February 2020 intake will be published soon

How does it work

Pick-up Service dates & time

Schiphol pick-up

Dates will be published here soon 

Register link (available soon)



Pick-up Service Meeting Point

Schiphol pick-up

Once you land at Schiphol airport, please make your way to the Meeting Point of Schiphol. Check the Airport map for more information.  Our pick-up crew will pick you up there and bring you to the bus.

Reserving your seat on the bus

Schiphol pick-up

After you are accepted at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences you will receive a special login to reserve a seat on the bus.   

Relatives & Friends

Use of the Pick-up Service is intended for our students.  We cannot guarantee seats for your relatives and friends.  We are therefore not able to issue seats to relatives and friends through online registration. If your parents and/or a friend is traveling with you, please inform us via email in advance so we can determine whether it’s possible

Traveling by yourself

If for some reason you miss the bus, or if you are arriving at a location other than Schiphol airport (e.g. The Hague/ Rotterdam airport, Eindhoven airport or Rotterdam Central Station) please use to find out how to get to your dorm. 

SSH key service

If you are renting a room through SSH short stay accommodation, we can arrange for you to receive the key at your accommodation. This service is only provided to students that have booked and paid for their accommodation.  You must inform the SSH Team ( of your arrival date and time they will arrange your team for you, or contact your housing RA. CoIA Housing will not be able to give you your key, only SSH


If you have any questions about the pick-up service, you can send an email to

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