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Help on demand

For students & lecturers

The library helps students and staff when searching, processing, and assessing information. In addition we can answer questions about references and copyright. We offer tailored workshops for lecturers. Need help? Visit the library location of your study programme.


Thesis Support hour

Get help with searching

Are you stuck on your search for information? Do you find it tricky using the databases? Do you not know which search terms to use? Is it difficult compiling a literature list? Do you have doubts about the reliability of a source? Visit our Thesis Support hour, and find out!

For whom is it?

During Thesis Support all students and staff are welcome at the libraries for questions about searching and using sources. Here are some examples:

  • Referring to literature for your thesis or research paper
  • Using sector data for your business plan
  • Looking up news articles in order to research a trend

Of course you can visit the libraries and ask your questions during opening hours, but during Thesis Support we have made time for you especially, so you are guaranteed help right away.

What will we discuss?

We can help you get started looking for relevant and reliable information for your assignment or research. We give advice about our selection, using databases and catalogues. We also offer help setting up a research strategy, or give tips on using references.

When can you drop by?

Each week you can visit the library Thesis Support at set times. Registering ahead of time is not necessary. You can report at the information desk and you will be helped in order. Together with an information specialist you get started with your questions. If you are not completely finished, then you can make a follow-up appointment. At the times listed below you can visit Thesis Support (not during school holidays).

Monday: 14.00 - 16.00 h
Thursday: 09.00 - 11.00 h
Monday: 10.00 - 12.00 h
Thursday: 10.00 - 12.00 h
Kralingse Zoom KZ D0.175
Tuesday: 13.30 - 15.30 h
Wijnhaven 99 - Stadslab
Tuesday: 10.00 - 12.00 h

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