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Reference management tools

Useful tools for managing your information sources and citations

RefWorks is a tool for source reference, just like EndNote. With it you can collect and organise scholarly articles. Also you can generate a list of source references with it, in a citation style of your choice. The big difference with EndNote is that RefWorks is completely cloud based. This means you won't have any synchronisation problems when you work on your thesis at different locations. Also it's easier to use.

Account activation

Go to the RefWorks subscription page 

  1. Enter your Rotterdam University e-mailadres (******* No private e-mail addresses!
  2. You will receive an e-mail to activate your account.

Installing "Save to RefWorks" and Write-N-Cite

After you created an account, you can install two extra's via the Tools menu:

  • Save to RefWorks button for your browser. When you've found an article on a website, you click this link and it's automatically added to your RefWorks library.
  • A Write-N-Cite add-on for Word (Windows and macOS) and Google Docs. With this you can add references to your thesis and make a source reference list in a citation style of your choice. Please note: it's not possible (yet) to install this add-on on Rotterdam University computers. Just on your laptop or workplace at home.


In the RefWorks settings you can optionally link your Dropbox account for extra storage.


Learn to use RefWorks in 20min

Instruction video's

By means of these short Youtube video's you can learn how RefWorks works. Prefer a manual? Check out the RefWorks LibGuides.

RefWorks or EndNote?

The library has been offering EndNote for some time to manage source references for your thesis or research. So why also support RefWorks? In short: EndNote offers many advanced options, but the installation and configuration can be difficult. RefWorks is a lot easier: create an online account and you can get started. Features like version management are not supported though.

  EndNote Refworks
Supported platforms Windows, macOS Windows, macOS
Local installation    
Cloud-based partially  
Sharing / cooperation    
Word processor add-on Word  Word, Google Docs 
Browser bookmark button    
App iPad  

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