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21st-century skills: a meaningful approach for RUAS from a student’s perspective

Publication of Business Innovation
L.R. Klienbannink, K.G. Kooy,van der, | Report | Publication date: 30 June 2019
This research report is a result of the joint initiative of researchers and the professorship internationalisation of the Research Centre Business Innovation -KcBI, in particular Monique Abbenbroek (CMI/Communication), Tineke van der Gaast (RBS/Internationalisation), Helen de Haan-Cao (RBS/International Business), Koen van der Kooy (RBS/Graduate Department and Research Centre Business Innovation) and Leo Klienbannink (Research Centre Business Innovation). In cooperation with institutes Willem de Kooning Academy, CMI (Communicatie, Media en Informatie), RBS (Rotterdam Business School) and IBK (Bedrijfskunde) the abovementioned research group conducted research over a period of 3 years to look at 21st-century skills of 1st-year students of educational programmes within Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Its main aim was to answer the question how students perceive 21st-century skills. Is the university preparing students regarding 21st-century skills in such a way that it also reflects the perception of skills needed to be better equipped for future jobs and a changing labour market?


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