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Research group Parents in Rotterdam South

dr. Mariëtte Lusse
In 2014, the Expertise Centre for Social Innovation and urban Talent both of which are part of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, established the professorship 'Parents in Rotterdam South'. The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences wanted to emphasize its involvement in Rotterdam South, as the largest disadvantaged area in the Netherlands. The research group focuses on knowledge development and sharing in order to better facilitate (prospective) professionals in cooperation with parents in disadvantaged situations, so that parents can better contribute to the talent development of their children. Together with educational practice and the social domain, the professorship develops knowledge and working methods that are scientifically substantiated and that have proven to be useful in practice, in order to improve cooperation with parents and to strengthen the parenting power of parents.

The Parents Lectorate Rotterdam South stands for increasing practically useful knowledge about strengthening the role of parents in increasing (educational) opportunities for young people in metropolitan deprivation situations. As a result, the research group is of course not limited to Rotterdam South, but seeks local, national and international cooperation.  
The research group provides a toolkit for practice. In this box, the research group bundles insights and products that can be used in practice and makes them accessible to practitioners.

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