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Dr. Florian Cramer

Applied research professor 21st Century Visual Culture / Autonomous Practices


By Dr. Florian Cramer

Pattern Discrimination

Ctrl→ Alt→ Delete. Vom schnellen Verfall neuester Literatur: Warum es heute noch weniger interessante Netzdichtung gibt (als vor einem Jahrzehnt)

Hiding in Plain Sight. Amy Suo Wu’s The Kandinsky Collective

From Print to Ebooks

A Hybrid Publishing Toolkit for the Arts

cantunderstand Open! cantunderstand Platform for cantunderstand Art, cantunderstand Culture and cant

Open Source as a Test Case for a Post-Humanist Commons [Does The Tragedy of the Commons Repeat Itself as a Tragedy of the Public Domain?]

Hybrid publishing: between print and electronics, art and research

Net Activism - Net Demagogy (video)

panel discussion on big data, algorithmic profiling, filter bubbles and political populism

The Moral of the Xerox. Context for a Conversation on the Ethics of Piracy, Cultural Appropriation and Flows of Consent and Permission - Missalette

What is 'Post-digital?'

typewriters vs. imageboard memes

Post-Digital Writing

Pornographic Coding

Post-digital Aesthetics

WikiLeaks Has Radically Altered the Military-Diplomatic-Information Complex – 10 Reasons For and Against

A Brechtian Media Design: Annemiek van der Hoek’s Epicpedia

Analog Media as (Anti-) Social Networking

Digital Code and Literary Text

Hoezenpoezen: a primer

Does Witte de With have to change its name? - Opinion

Depression: Post-Melancholia, Post-Fluxus, Post-Communist, Post-Capitalist, Post-Digital, Post-Prozac

Sodom Blogging: Alternative Porn and Aesthetic Sensibility

Leaving Facebook for good - or just for virtue signaling?

The creative common misunderstanding

(echo echo) echo (echo): Command Line Poetics

Meme Wars: Internet culture and the ‘alt right’

Words Made Flesh. Code, Culture, Imagination

Disrupt by the Rules. Interview with Florian Cramer

Reinventing the art school, 21st century

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