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Special Educational Needs

Exchange programme

The minor provides you with an in-depth, comprehensive curriculum in Special Educational Needs from an international perspective within the context of the muliticultural city of Rotterdam.

In the day-to-day business of professional practice on a secondary special educa­tion institute or special elementary education in a metropolitan environment, the teacher, educationist or social worker is bound to have to deal with children and adolescents with specific developmental needs and learning/behavioural problems. This is an intrinsic part of education and is not easy but poses a genuine challenge as it requires expertise, empathy and creativity. In addition to issues pertaining to the child's needs, we will also take a more thorough look at your way of dealing with issues in a multifaceted educational/pedagogical environment. You will work on these topics at the Hogeschool but, moreover, will also get to be an intern at a school which specialises in special education.

Students who follow this minor will get the opportunity to shed light on their vision of Special Educational Needs from an international perspective and research relevant topics from this very frame of reference. The activities which will be employed to explore this are manifold: Lectures, Student Presentations, Guest Lecturers , Role Playing Games, Experiential teaching, usage of own video snippets, Self-Tuition, Cooperative learning and visiting professionals at work in the special educational needs sector. 

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme


Participants will have to complete a mandatory internship at a participating school for special education or supportive educational track. A portfolio will have to be submitted at the end of the course in which assignments pertaining to the following competencies need to be completed:

  1. Interpersonal competence
  2. Pedagogical competence
  3. Didactic competence
  4. Organizational competence
  5. Dealing with colleagues
  6. Dealing with social environment

The following professional skills will also be dealt with:

  1. Communication: Verbal skills
  2. Communication: Written skills

The internship will take 10 weeks and will take 1,5 days per week during which you will be expected to prepare and teach 8-10 English lessons which didactic validity will be evaluated. The assignments are geared to the implementation of theoretical knowledge about special education. To this end, language should not be an impediment. Examples of possible assignments are: observing lessons (of which might be said that not knowing the language might be beneficial, as it allows the participant to focus fully on behavior).

Finishing the exchange programme

You will research a topic within the framework of Special Educational Needs. The research may be linked to something you want to consider more thoroughly at your internship but may also entail secondary research.

To finish the exchange programme you will have to write an essay based on research on a chosen topic dealing with the development of skills/talent in the special educational sector.


An indication of the subjects you can expect


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