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Real Experience Borderless Entrepreneurial Learning

Exchange programme

It is important that we find new roads which lead towards more economic activity and more jobs. To achieve that, Real Experience Borderless Entrepreneurial Learning (REBEL) appeals to innovative students with guts and entrepreneurial mind set.

REBEL teaches you to set up your own business with a team in a real international environment, look for opportunities and use them. You will take risks and seek for a proof of concept by testing of a minimum viable product in learning loops. The minimum viable product will be based on a big idea (value proposition) and a Business Plan. You have to launch the product/service and find a sustainable competitive edge by testing. The feedback generated by testing will serve as starting point for the next loop.

You will have to take risk and to come up with surprising solutions. From all participants we expect an open and innovative mindset, commitment, a proactive entrepreneurial attitude and willingness to collaborate with others.

This exchange programme not only learns you to be rebels, but competent rebels. Give us your business idea and we give you a fine set of wings to fly across borders.

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The programme at a glance

Programme information

What to expect

About the programme

Next to the start of a company we pay attention to the entrepreneur as a person. During the process you show that you can reflect on your individual entrepreneurial mindset and behavior. You also need to address this attitude of your team members and other teams.

From all participants we expect an open and innovative mindset, commitment, a proactive entrepreneurial attitude and willingness to collaborate with others.


The programme is based on the stage gate approach. A stage gate can be defined as a phase that you need to pass before you can start with the next one. The four stage gates are: Big idea, Business Plan, Learning loop 1 and Learning loop 2. Per stage gate there is one resit.

Students will acquire theoretical knowledge in interactive toolbox sessions and workshops to start and run a company. Toolbox sessions are based on co-creation among students and lecturers. Workshops are initiated and organised by students.

Students are responsible for the organisation of the toolbox sessions/workshops. The content is based on problems of the participating student companies. This is approach is completely different from how traditional universities work and asks a lot of pro-active behavior from exchange students.

Type of assessment

Assessment is based on content group reports such as a business plan and reports per stage gate. Next to that you need to formulate individual learning goals and outcomes in individual reports. There are no exams.

Learning outcomes

If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

  • Be an entrepreneur by being one
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide a self analysis in the context of an individual career
  • Formulate a value proposition
  • Formulate a sustainable business model
  • Test a value proposition and a business model in a minimum viable product
  • Pivot or persevere based on feedback obtained from testing
  • Communicate with business peers
  • Collect and learn from feedback
  • Share knowledge with peers


There is no fixed calendar available, as students need to successfully complete one stage gate before they can start with the next one.

In the first block you will focus on generating your Big Idea and working on your Business Plan. In the second block you will continue improving your Business Plan and you will organise both Learning Loop 1 and Learning Loop 2. Part of these Learning Loops are organising workshops to collect and share relevant knowlegde.

In general there will be 2 classroom sessions of 2/3 hours per week and one coaching session in a small team with a lecturer.


After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records

Four stage gates

You have to complete all stage gates successfully to gain the 30 ECTS.


Where you can find us
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Posthumalaan 120 3072 AG Rotterdam

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