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International Business for Asia exchange

Exchange programme

You will join regular year 3 International Business for Asia students. Import and export are part of the core activities of a Trade Manager specialising in Asia.

In this programme a major part is doing the International Business for Asia year 3 Export to Asia project. At the end of this project you will have been introduced to the key processes in international trade, focusing on business between The Netherlands and Asia. 

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The programme at a glance

Programme structure

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Programme structure

Export to Asia is the main focus of this programme. Your project group has to acquire its own assignment from a Dutch company wanting to start exporting to (a new market in) Asia. Supportive courses give you the theoretical background to write this export plan. Besides this you will have business communication courses (recruitment simulation, negotiating) and you can choose from a variety of electives/courses from Rotterdam University in general and some special from TMA.

At TMA special attention is given to study career coaching, for this exchange programme this will be combined with assignments and activities focusing on living and studying in The Netherlands.


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Posthumalaan 120 3072 AG Rotterdam

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