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Follow these steps

  1. Nomination by home university 
    Before you apply, please make sure you have been nominated by your home university.

  2. Registration link with log-in details
    After your nomination has been approved by the Centre of International Affairs (Rotterdam UAS), you will receive an email with a registration link. All students need to apply through Mobility Online. You can only access this system after you received the log-in details from us.

  3. Confirmation email 
    After your registration you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains further information about your online application.

  4. Complete your online application in Mobility Online 
    Your online application consists of 3 parts:  
    1. Personal data  
    2. Application data - Select a top 3 choice 
    3. Required application documents 

    As part of your application you will be asked to submit a motivation letter/video, transcript of records and curriculum vitae.

    The video explains step by step how you have to apply

  5. Review of your application 
    The Centre of International Affairs and the programme coordinator will review your application data and documents.

    NOTE: Only if all previous steps have been completed, we will process your application. Students will be informed about their official acceptance to one of our programmes within 3 weeks after the application deadline.

  6. Admission to programme 
    After the review you will receive an email confirming one of the following options:  
    • You have been accepted to your 1st choice.
      In this step you will receive your official Letter of Acceptance.
    • You have been rejected for your 1st choice. An alternative programme will be suggested.
      Please follow the instructions in the email. We will always choose a new programme in close consultation with you and if needed, with your home university as well. Once we come to an agreement and you accept our proposal, we will send you your official Letter of Acceptance.

The application procedure of this programme contains an additional step

In addition we will have a Skype meeting with all students. Students will be informed about the procedure after their application. This Skype meeting (together with your motivation letter) are meant to help us assign students to the most suitable project and to advise them whether their command of oral and written English is sufficient to follow this programme.

Student at Rotterdam UAS?

Check the requirements and application procedure at Hint (log in).

Student at another Dutch university of applied sciences?

Check the requirements and application procedure at Kies op maat.

Spring semester time slot

You can only apply between 1 October and 1 November if you want to enrol in the Spring semester. 

Fall semester time slot

You can only apply between 1 April and 1 May if you want to enrol in the Fall semester.

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