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Business Pressure Cooker - A truly international business experience

Exchange programme

Business Pressure Cooker is a unique experience that goes beyond the ordinary, in which we use cases -real business situations- as the starting point for learning. Students are in the lead and are responsible for their own learning process, supported by coaches. It’s an intense but rewarding programme that will prepare you for the real world of business!

As part of a senior management team, you will be responsible for identifying key challenges faced by the participating companies, formulating strategy, and constructing action plans.

Do you thrive under pressure?  Are you up for the
challenge of making decisions, managing time, thinking on your feet, and making a difference from day one?  If so, then this is the programme for you!

Our classes bring together international and Dutch students—many of who have had previous international experience through internships and/or exchange programmes—to provide you with a broad range of perspectives. The programme is further enhanced by site visits to multinational companies and interaction with a range of international business managers.

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The programme at a glance

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What to expect

About the programme

The integrative approach used in Business Pressure Cooker emphasises the connections between the fields of finance, accounting, marketing, operations, human resource management, strategy, and more. By starting with challenges and concepts, rather than lectures, you will develop a holistic and realistic way of doing business.

Over the course of the semester, you will work on a series of case challenges—some of them involving visits to companies. You start with a problem that you will examine in-depth over the course several weeks. In time the pressure to work quickly and efficiently will be increased; culminating in a business case that must be solved in just 24-48 hours—meaning you get better and faster with each round.

Moreover, you can choose electives from a broad range of options, for example Critical Thinking, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Elementary Dutch.


The way we work at this programme:

  • No central lectures, but intensive team coaching and (central) interventions by the coach whenever necessary. This is NOT a traditional programme. The students are in the lead and master their own learning process.
  • Performance and presence in class and during team work are essential. Together with fellow students and lecturers you work towards a possible solution of business problems. 
  • Self-study is crucial and will be facilitated by recommendations regarding literature (books, articles, websites and videos), and each team has the possibility to reserve specific time slots for question & answer sessions.
  • All activities will be executed in teams. All teams have the same problem to solve. However, only the best solutions will earn points for the prestigious Business Pressure Cooker Award.

  • Conclusion: the programme is intense, but very rewarding and an excellent preparation for the “real” world of business.

Learning outcomes

If you have successfully completed this exchange programme then you are able to:

  • Work under time pressure and in a multidisciplinary and cultural team;
  • Analyse the current position of the company and the key issues of the situation (The strategic position);
  • Develop possible solutions for the business problem at hand and decide on the best one (Strategic choices);
  • Construct an implementation plan, integrating operations, marketing, finance and HRM, aligned with your strategic choice (Strategy in action);
  • Experience what it is like to be a manager (dealing with time pressure, coping with different personalities and cultural differences within a team, convincing others, making decisions);
  • Reflect on your personal skills and your business skills.


Block 1

Block 2


After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records;
  • Certificate attesting to your participation in the BPC programme.
    Please note: you only receive a certificate if you complete the entire programme.


An indication of the subjects you can expect

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