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Innovative Logistics and IT

Exchange programme

The exchange programme Innovative Logistics and IT consists of two separate semester programmes in English. In Fall we offer the programme Innovative Logistics and IT, a fourth year elective programme designed to provide students more in depth knowledge on the edge of IT and logistics.

Innovations in IT have dramatically changed the world we live in. We are currently in The Information Age and the pace of change is still accelerating. This has had a dramatic impact on all aspects of business life and especially in Logistics, fueling globalisation. This exponential trend will continue whereby disruptive innovative-technologies impact existing supply chain networks, business models and the way, the speed and the precision that we communicate & collaborate. This impact can also bring about opportunities for improvement, if handled carefully. Within this programme students will work on, and with, innovative logistical concepts facilitated by IT, in order to make related logistical processes run faster, more efficient, more effective and more sustainable.

So if you want to:

  • Take part in an exchange programme in Logistics and Transport Management;
  • Visit Europe's largest port, the port of Rotterdam;
  • Get to know the Netherlands and the Dutch culture;
  • Study together with Dutch students and other international students;

We invite you to apply for this student exchange programme! Are you interested in staying for two semesters? Please have a look at our spring programme International Logistics as well.

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G.J. de Jonghweg 4 - 6 3015 GG Rotterdam

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