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In the last phase of your study, you can choose a minor. The minor is a programme in which you focus on a theme relevant for your future career. Following are some examples of minors you can choose from.

Circular Economy and Business Innovation

The main objective of this minor is to teach students what circular economy is, and how small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and other organizations could make the transition from a linear business model to a circular economy business model. The minor has a strong practical component as students must work with local SMEs or public organizations. International knowledge and experience sharing through the cloud will be the key to the quality of their deliverables. Basic circular economy principles such as: system thinking, collaboration/ competition, business opportunities, innovation is natural, living systems, rebuilding capital, creating value, scale, time and resilience, will be taught. Transfer of knowledge will be done through the flipped classroom concept.

Overall at the end of this minor the student must be able to:

  • Translate European Sustainable Development needs into concrete, sustainable and feasible actions based on the Circular Economy principles.
  • Expose themselves to out of the box thinking.
  • Focus on specific targeted groups in specific markets.
  • Critically look into the aspects of added value of the company, its activities and/or products/services within the context of circular economy.
  • In this learning track the student improves the ability to combine knowledge, skills and attitude to show expected behaviour when performing a professional task in a European business context.

Real Experience Borderless Entrepreneurial Learning

It is important that we find new roads which lead towards more economic activity and more jobs. To achieve that, Real Experience Borderless Entrepreneurial Learning (REBEL) appeals to innovative students with guts and entrepreneurial mind set from all study programmes of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

REBEL teaches them to set up their own business with a team in a real international environment, look for opportunities and use them, take risks and to find surprising solutions. From all participants we expect an open mind, an innovative mind set, commitment, a proactive attitude and a willingness to collaborate with others.

This minor+ learns students not just to be rebels, but competent rebels. Give us your business idea and we give you a fine set of wings to fly across borders.

International Finance & Accounting

Overall at the end of the Minor International Finance and Accounting students should be able to:

  • Comprehensively evaluate financial performance of the company and its responsibility centers from different stakeholders’ perspective, applying advanced tools of financial analysis.
  • Evaluate existing management control systems, including performance measurement, incentive and management compensation systems from the perspective of their ability to support the implementation of company’s strategy and achievement of goals.
  • Apply and evaluate the effects of the accounting systems differences on the process of company valuation.
  • Apply and analyze concepts and models of traditional corporate finance and alternative finance to make a contribution to strategic financing decisions.
  • Explore the risks involved in using innovative financing for SME’s.
  • Illustrate how the auditing process contributes to a fair view of the financial statements and to fraud protection.
  • Create (design and produce) a report providing recommendations for dealing with finance and accounting challenges in the real life cases (company or organizations), by conducting comprehensive, business, strategic, accounting and financial analysis and evaluation.
  • Critically reflect on the process of working in the group and creating a report for the innovative project and come up with the ways for its improvement.

Digital Marketing

In the Minor Digital Marketing you will face the challenges of marketing and the Internet. During this minor you get the opportunity to focus on your own chosen individual assignments related to digital marketing and share it with your fellow students. You will also work in a team and together develop workshops on different digital marketing topics. An important part of this minor is the consultancy project, where you are going to develop a digital marketing plan for a company of your choice. This is an individual assignment where you will also redesign their webpage and develop digital campaigns.

We are going to share knowledge and experiences and many guest lectures and practical trainings will be offered to inspire you. We expect from you: full dedication, pro-activeness, own initiatives, eagerness to learn, and willingness to share knowledge, creativity, co-creation and a professional attitude.

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

As markets evolve toward increased globalisation, free trade and outsourcing, a growing interest arises to deploy Supply Chain Management as a strategic business weapon. Collaboration and coordination are the keys to achieving the benefits. When parties in a supply chain relationship win equally, due to their cooperative actions in the supply channel, the benefits are likely to be realised and the relationship remains intact.

More and more Supply Chain Management becomes the new frontier for demand generation. The traditional objective of minimizing supply chain costs is replaced by “meeting customer service requirements”. This means that the focus shifts to revenue contribution and profit enhancement. Companies, that are able to manage this tremendous shift effectively, will have a big competitive advantage in contemporary business environments.


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