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International Week Urban Health

Short course

During this international week you are challenged to think ahead and find some opportunities for making a difference in the health situation of urban citizens, both in Rotterdam and in other European cities.

This intensive, inter-professional and international week provides you with a program aimed at developing your competences as an urban health professional. We hope this programme inspires you to help creating more equity and better health conditions for urban citizens in many different cities around the world.

We kindly invites international students and teachers to join an inter-professional study group at the School of Healthcare Studies during the international week Urban Health. This one-week program runs twice a year, in week 37 (September) and 13 (March).


Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Week 41 October

About 250 students will participate in this international week and work on group assignments in the subprogramme: Integrated Care in Deprived Areas.

Week 14 March

About 650 students will participate in this international week and work on group assignments in one of the subprogrammes:

  • Integrated Care in Deprived Areas
  • Age-friendly Cities
  • User-centered Design in Healthcare Technology

The Programme


arrival at hostel Room


  •  Opening keynotes
  • Kick-off meeting in student groups
  • Fieldwork
  • Social program: baking Dutch pancakes together


  • International lectures and workshops in the student groups
  • Fieldwork
  • Social program: city tour


  •  Working on the assignment in student groups
  • Fieldwork
  • Meet & greet international students in a world café setting
  •  Preparing the final presentation
  • Social program: closing dinner


  • Final presentations
  • Evaluation
  • Certification


Participation in the program is rewarded with 2 ECTS. As an incoming (international) student you have the option to gain a total of 3 ECTS by adding a preparatory assignment for 1 ECTS.

  • Pre-assignment (voluntary): elevator pitch – 1 ECTS - Monday
  • Final assignment (for all students): critical movie – 2 ECTS - Friday

Urban Health

“We are at an unprecedented moment in human development as the greatest migration in history unfolds around us. Less than a decade ago a majority of humankind still lived in the countryside, yet today a clear majority live in urban areas. In 2030, 60% of all people will reside in cities, proportionally twice that of 1950. For most of us from now on, life and death will be an urban aff air.

The global community was not only waking up to this new demographic reality and the consequent implications for health, society, and economic and political aff airs, but also to a host of new opportunities as humans shape and are shaped by an urban future.”

(World Health Organization, 2016)


This program is supported by COHEHRE and open for students from COHEHRE member-universities and other Erasmus+ partner universities.


Where you can find us
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Rochussenstraat 198 3015 EK Rotterdam

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