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General Practitioner

The first person to contact in the Netherlands for almost all medical assistance is a General Practitioner (GP). In Dutch a GP is called a Huisarts.


Your first step will be to register with a GP. Please make sure to register with a GP as soon as possible. It can sometimes be difficult to find a GP since not all practices take in new patients. Don't wait until you are sick, because you need to be registered with a GP before you can make an appointment.

This external website from Erasmus MC shows you a list of GPs in Rotterdam.

GP after hour services

Do you need to consult a GP at night or in the weekend? You will need to call the Huisartsenpost (referred to as HAP). Ask your GP for the contact details of your HAP so that you have it ready in case you need medical assistance at night or in the weekend.

Are you finding it difficult to find a GP to register with?

Logo HelloDoc

If you cannot find a GP to register with, then we suggest that you get in touch with HelloDoc. HelloDoc provides medical advice and treatment for international students who are not yet registered with a GP. Consultations take place online and are offered in multiple languages. Please note that AON student insurance is accepted by HelloDoc.


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