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Vaccination without an appointment

The higher the vaccination rate, the more you protect yourself and others and the more likely it is that we can start and continue to provide physical education without any restrictions. We can all contribute to the possibilities for physical education. People who are vaccinated are less likely to become infected with the coronavirus and also less likely to transmit it. The chance of getting infected still exists, but if it does, the chance that you will become very ill is much smaller. 

Our advice is: get vaccinated. You help yourself and other students or colleagues with this. Do you have any doubts? Are you well informed about vaccination? Watch the videos from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

In the coming weeks, students and employees can get vaccinated at the Museumpark and Kralingse Zoom without an appointment. The Pfizer vaccine will be administered in the GGD vaccination stand.


You can get vaccinations without an appointment at the entrance on the side of the Dijkzigt metro stop. The stand is on the car park next to the pond and is open between 10:00 and 17:00 on the following days:

  • Monday 4 October
  • Tuesday 5 October
  • Monday 11 October
  • Tuesday 12 October

Kralingse Zoom

Since the beginning of the new academic year, there has been a mobile vaccination unit of the GGD at location Kralingse Zoom (near the SPAR). They are open on the following dates between 09:00 and 16:00 for a jab:

  • Wednesday 29 September
  • Thursday 30 September
  • Monday 4 October
  • Tuesday 5 October
  • Tuesday 12 October
  • Wednesday 13 October

All students and employees of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, including international students and colleagues, are eligible for a free vaccine at the KZ location. 

The vaccination is done with the vaccine from Pfizer.

An appointment is not necessary, you can walk in at the locations mentioned (see question 'where and when can I go') between 9 am and 4 pm.

You can get a jab on presentation of a valid identity document. International students without a citizen service number are also welcome. Don't forget to bring your face mask. You may have to wait for a while at the location. This is because everyone has to be registered in the system on the spot and we therefore ask you for your understanding. Once you have had your vaccination, take a seat in the waiting room for 15 minutes.

Have you already had your first injection of the Pfizer vaccine? You can also come to the site for your second Pfizer injection. Please note that you must wait 21 days between the first and the second vaccination.

Now that we are going to meet again on location, we will also talk to each other about corona and different views that exist. Also in the classroom. We have received several requests from the organization for guidance on how we can conduct and guide these conversations in a respectful way. This guide is intended to support and guide controversial conversations about sensitive topics.

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