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Your fellow students also provide us with feedback. The questions that are asked the most are shown below.

Download the app by Rotterdam UAS for Android or iOS.

This can happen when the new period starts. When the new period has started, please remove your class and add it again. In most cases this solves the issue. We are working on a technical solution to fix the issue. 

We expect to have the new version available to you in April 2021. In this new version we are working a completely new dashboard and on privacy settings for opening the app and seeing your personal information. See (login) for all announcements about new versions and what they contain.

This can happen in the iOS app in combination with Safari for mobile. Unfortunately, we can't fix this from the app. It can happen because of several things. 

  1. You're using Safari in private mode. In this case, Safari can't tell the app you're logged in. Switch off private mode and try again. 
  2. Something went wrong with your cookies and internet history. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find more specifically what's going wrong, but we do know that if you delete your cookies and internet history in Safari mobile, you can log in again. 
  3. If both options don't work or you don't want to delete your history and cookies, try installing another browser on your iPhone, for example Google Chrome. Or stop using the app and use

That's correct. We do this intentionally, because in the statistics there are not a lot of people using an iPad. So by not developing for iPad, we save time for working on My RUAS. You can however use and pin it to your home screen (open in Safari, tap the Share icon (square with arrow pointing outwards) and tap Add to Home Screen). This webversion does scale correctly. 

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