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Instructor Fabric Station for textile techniques (0.5-1.0 fte)

Willem de Kooning Academie

We are looking for one or two proactive, hands on and skilled colleagues for the job function of Instructor Fabric Station who has professional experience in teaching textile techniques and has a background in developing textile or fashion products. We look for a candidate who can bridge craft and new technologies and has experience in textile design. A maker who is keen to help students to make or redevelop new materials and is interested in the development of new and more sustainable ways of making products in the broadest sense.

About the Willem de Kooning Academie

The Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (WdKA/RUAS), offers a variety of bachelor and master’s programmes in the field of visual culture, art, design, education in arts, and leisure management. The curriculum of the Willem de Kooning Academy is founded on an interdisciplinary ethos through the Autonomous, Social and Commercial Practices. The Majors are the entry point of study for all Bachelor students; the Practices of the interdisciplinary research contexts in the second half of the Bachelor programs; and the highly unique Stations (advanced workshops focused on Research through Making) complete the three pillars of the institute.

About the Fabric Station (FS)

The FS is a learning environment where students from various subject areas can develop textile and fashion products, and are challenged to (re)develop new materials. The FS distinguishes itself from a regular fashion and textile studio through its emphasis on research through making with a practical hands-on approach. The FS is bridges traditional textile techniques with digitalization and sustainability. We focus on innovating new materials, textiles, and garment related products. This also includes strategies such as recycling, remaking, and material development. The wide variety of learning goals of students in turn requires a broad professional knowledge from the team of instructors. Each instructor has their own role and field of expertise. The team helps students to develop their ideas into working projects whilst providing individual consultation, station skills, and lessons. We provide a wide range of skill courses from craft-based approaches to digital technologies to virtual prototyping software lessons.

Job profile

The Fabric Station is looking for a knowledgeable colleague who has professional experience in making textile products and is expected to teach skill courses at beginners and advanced level in at least two different textile techniques. The candidate has experience in at least two of the following fields: tufting, weaving, knitting, machine embroidery, felting and dyeing of textiles. Experience in working in a more sustainable manner e.g., in upcycling, remaking, and the development of eco friendly materials is a plus.

You are expected to take initiative, operate independently, and be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and students. The positions requires an ability to convert knowledge into advice in a manner that contributes to the development of educational framework of the WdKA Fabric Station. You will guide and teach students individually and in groups. You also actively participate in a team to create an inspiring work and learning environment.

Job requirements

  • You have demonstrable work experience in making textile products
  • Experience in at least two or more of the following techniques: tufting, weaving with a handloom, machine knitting (Brother), machine embroidery, working with leather, felting and colour dye
  • You have an affinity for technology and can bridge the digital with the tangible
  • Knowledge of software programs like Winweef and Designaknit is a plus
  • You are experienced or have a proven affinity for education
  • You can deveolpe course material and teach skill classes
  • Help keep software / presentation materials / documentation / tools up to date
  • Help manage the workshops and premises
  • Collaborate with staff and colleagues
  • You have a proactive and responsible work ethic
  • You have an education of at least HBO level


  • EU/ECC work authorization
  • A good command of verbal and written English (Dutch is a plus) 


The Willem de Kooning Academy/Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam) offers you a temporary contract as a teacher. The salary range is HBO-CAO scale 9 (€ 2.813,78 to € 4.158,87 gross per month for full-time employment), exclusive of 8% holiday pay and 8.3% end-of-year bonus.

All staff members of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences must be able to submit a Certificate of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG) issued by the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security.

Everyone is welcome at Rotterdam University. We see diversity as a strength. An inclusive work environment is a prerequisite for us to create a good learning environment for our students. We believe that recognizable diversity in the composition of our teams is important. We therefore take this into account during the selection procedure.


WdKA likes to invest in motivated and well-trained employees. Working at WdKA means that you can use time and facilities (via unlimited access to our Stations) for professionalization. To further your pedagogical development, you will be encouraged to undertake pedagogical courses i.e., BKE (Basis Kwalificatie Examinering) and Competency Assessment Course.

You may avail of a Hogeschool Rotterdam discount on your healthcare via Achmea and participate in a solid pension scheme.


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences works with a limited travel reimbursement (maximum of 20 km).

Application Procedure and Dates

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation preferably with visual documentation of your work. Please mention for which role you are applying.

The selection procedure will take place in two phases. A short list of applicants will be drawn based on CV and letter of motivation, followed by interviews.

The first interview will take place on at the academy: 7th of July

Starting date for the position: preferably 22nd of August


Informal enquiries about the position or the selection procedure can be directed to Nadine Möllenkamp, Coordinator of the Fabric Station

Deadline for applications: 4th of July 2022

Online applications through our own website only!

Please do not use this vacancy as an acquisition opportunity.


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